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Picture of two smooth dogfish in a tank

Smooth Dogfish

Physical: The smooth dogfish, also known as the dusky smooth-hound, is a species of shark. Their bodies are grey-brown in

Picture of a smallmouth flounder

Smallmouth Flounder

Physical: The smallmouth founder is a left-eyed flatfish, which means that when they mature, their eyes will be on the

Picture of a silver perch on a black background

Silver Perch

Physical: The silver perch has a silvery body that's green or blue-tinted on the back and shifts to yellow toward

Picture of an Atlantic moonfish

Atlantic Moonfish

Physical: The Atlantic moonfish is a silver fish with a metallic blue tint, yellowish fins, and a forked tail. They

Picture of a windowpane flounder on a white background

Windowpane Flounder

Physical: The windowpane flounder is one of five species of flounder found regularly in the Barnegat Bay. The species gets

Photo of a white mullet fish in a person's hands

White Mullet

Physical: One of two mullet species in the Barnegat Bay. Blue-green on top, silver elsewhere. Blue-black blotch on the base

Picture of a striped burrfish

Striped Burrfish

Physical: The striped burrfish is a species of pufferfish. It's yellow-green in color, with dark wavy stripes and brown blotches

Picture of a spotted hake

Spotted Hake

Physical: Spotted hake are brown fish with a white belly and a small barbel on the chin. They have a


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