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Picture of a skilletfish on a black table


Physical: The skilletfish gets its name from its frying-pan shaped body, with a broad flat head and a thinner tail.

Picture of a sheepshead fish in an aquarium tank


Physical: The sheepshead is a silver colored fish with 5-6 dark vertical stripes. Unlike other fish, they have human-like teeth

Picture of a lookdown fish in an aquarium


Physical: The lookdown fish has a flat, reflective silver body with a steep forehead and protruding lower jaw. It gets

Picture of a gag grouper fish on a white background

Gag Grouper

Physical: The gag grouper is a brown-grey fish with dark blotchy markings on the body and dark lines around the

Picture of a flying gurnard, fins extended, swimming over sandy bottom

Flying Gurnard

Physical: The flying gurnard is a very unusual fish. Its body is grey to yellow brown, with white spots. Its

Picture of a bluntnose stingray on a beach

Bluntnose Stingray

Physical: The bluntnose stingray is a stingray species that's yellow to light brown on top and white to grey on

Picture of a blue runner fish

Blue Runner

Physical: The blue runner fish is olive to blue-green on top, with a silver-grey or golden belly. They also have

Picture of a blackcheek tonguefish in a container

Blackcheek Tonguefish

Physical: Blackcheek tonguefish are a type of flatfish. The tonguefish family is characterized by a lack of pectoral (side) fins


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