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Picture of a spot fish


Physical: Spot are a small fish with a blue-grey body, white belly, and 12-15 diagonal stripes on their back. They

Picture of a scup


Physical: Scup are a species of porgy fish. They're dusky brown in color, with silvery sides and a silvery belly.

Picture of a pinfish in a fishtank


Physical: The pinfish has a silvery body, blue and yellow horizontal stripes, and yellow fins. There is also a dark

Picture of a northern seahorse

Lined Seahorse

Physical: The lined seahorse, sometimes called the northern seahorse, is one of 54 species of seahorse worldwide. They have a

Picture of a pollock


Physical: Pollock are brown-green fish, with paler sides and a small barbel on the chin. They also have a bright

Picture of an inland lizardfish being held in someone's hand

Inshore Lizardfish

Physical: The inshore lizardfish is a long fish with a cylindrical body and a large pointed snout. Its back is

Picture of a flathead grey mullet, lain on a white paper backdrop

Striped Mullet

Physical: The striped mullet has a blue-green back and silvery sides and belly. Its scales form horizontal streaks across its

Picture of a conger eel/American conger on sandy bottom

Conger Eel

Physical: The conger eel, or American conger, is one of two eel species in the Barnegat Bay and one of


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