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Picture of a broad-striped anchovy

Broad-Striped Anchovy

Physical: The broad-striped anchovy is one of two anchovy species found in Barnegat Bay. It is a slim silver fish

Picture of a black drum lying on a boat deck

Black Drum

Physical: The black drum is a grey or black fish with a high arched back and light belly. They have

Picture of a bay anchovy in a person's hand.

Bay Anchovy

Physical: The bay anchovy is a small translucent fish with a silvery head and body and a single silver stripe

Picture of an Atlantic herring

Atlantic Herring

Physical: The Atlantic herring is one of 200 different species of herring worldwide. It ranges in color from steel-blue to

Picture of an atlantic cod in a tank

Atlantic Cod

Physical: Atlantic cod is a large heavy-bodied fish with a blunt snout and a catfish-like barbel on the lower jaw.

Picture of a school of alewife fish


Physical: The alewife is part of a group collectively known as "river herring". Alewife have grey-green backs, silver sides and

Picture of a male spotfin killifish

Spotfin Killifish

Physical: The spotfin killifish is one of several killifish found in the Barnegat Bay. At just under 2 in (5

Picture of a seaboard goby on a black background

Seaboard Goby

Physical: The seaboard goby is a member of the goby family and resembles its more common relative the naked goby.


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