Cynoscion regalis 

Image by Robert Aguilar, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, CC BY 2.0

Physical: Weakfish have long, compact bodies and grows 12 to 18 inches on average, but can reach 3 feet in length and weigh 6 to 18 lbs. Coloration is typically iridescent olive green, with dark spots on its back. Its belly is white or silver and its fins are yellow. It also has two canine teeth in the upper jaw.

Habitat: Weakfish range from Nova Scotia to North Florida. They migrate between inshore and offshore areas throughout their lifetime.

Feeding: Weakfish feed on shrimp, small crustaceans, and small fish found in and around eel grass beds.

Breeding: Weakfish spawn from May to October in estuaries along the coast. Females produce more then 300,000 eggs. Larvae hatch and take up residence in estuaries from April to August.

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