Seaboard Goby

Gobiosoma ginsburgi

Image by ‘sercfisheries’ on iNaturalist, CC BY-NC 4.0

Physical: The seaboard goby is a member of the goby family and resembles its more common relative the naked goby. Unlike the naked goby, the seaboard goby is brown with white crossbars and dark spots that form a line down both sides of the body. They have two scales at the base of the tail. They grow to about 2 in (6 cm).

Habitat: The seaboard goby lives in estuary and saltwater habitats, anywhere with oyster shells, rocks, or grass beds available for shelter. It tends toward deeper and saltier waters than the naked goby. Their range spans from Massachusetts to Florida.

Feeding: Their diet consists of worms and small crustaceans, especially copepods.

Breeding: The spawning season lasts from June through September. Females lay eggs with sticky filaments and males will guard the nest afterward. They only spawn once per season.

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