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photo of Pomatomus saltatrix Don Flesher


Physical: Bluefish have a dark to green blue dorsal surface, and are blue to silver laterally. The body shape is elongated


Black Sea Bass

Physical: Black Sea Bass adults are blue to gray black, and can be dark brown with various blotches. Laterally, narrow stripes


Banded Killifish

  Physical: Banded Killifish have arrow shaped heads with faint stripes as the name suggests. Their coloration is light to dark


Atlantic Silverside

Physical: Silversides are small schooling fish, gray-green to silver in coloration with a lateral silver stripe. M. menidia can be up


Atlantic Needlefish

Physical: The Atlantic needlefish has a long, narrow body with a greenish back. The silvery sides have a thin, bluish-silver stripe


Atlantic Menhaden

Physical: Atlantic menhaden grows 14 to 18 inches in length. It has a blue, bluish-green, or bluish-brown body and silvery sides,


Atlantic Croaker

Physical: Croaker are dark gray-silver to blue in color, with small dark dots forming irregular horizontal patterns.  Average size is

photo of American Eel

American Eel

[caption id="attachment_816" align="aligncenter" width="800"] American Eel (Photo: Wikimedia)[/caption] Physical: American Eels have a unique snake-like shape and vary in coloration from


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