Ecotourism: Kayaking, Paddling, Sailing and More

Explore the natural and cultural resources of the Barnegat Bay watershed.

The beaches, boardwalks, resorts, and theme parks of Ocean County are tourism hot spots. But whether you are visiting or live here all year round, there is a wealth of ecotourism opportunities in the Barnegat Bay watershed to enjoy.

Kayak tours of Barnegat Bay.
Kayak tours of Barnegat Bay.

What is ecotourism?

In general, it is responsible travel that encompasses natural and cultural resources, while conserving and sustaining natural habitats and local economies. Ecotourists are often looking for a place where they can leave the stressful modern world behind and experience nature, or experience the cultural/traditional history of a place. Such divergent themes as maritime history, lighthouses, natural centers, fish ports, and decoy carving are all components. Ecotourism includes hiking, biking, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, hunting, and birding.

From north to south, east to west, the Barnegat Bay watershed abounds with opportunities to experience diverse natural habitats and cultural and heritage sites.

So where should you begin?  Check out the following online resources to help you get started.

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