Song Sparrow

Melospiza melodia

Image by Becky Laboy, used with her express permission

Physical: Song sparrows are medium-sized sparrows with brown and grey coloration. The head and breast are grey with brown streaks, while the wings, tail, and back are various shades of brown. This species is 5-7 inches (12-17 cm) long with a 7-9 inch (18-24 cm) wingspan.

Habitat: This species is commonly seen in open habitats such as marshes and grasslands as well as forests and forest edges.

Feeding: Song sparrows typically feed on insects, invertebrates, fruits, and seeds throughout the year.

Breeding: Males perch on open branches or structures to sing and attract a mate, and once a mate is found they fly with the mate and complete displays together. This species nests both on the ground and as high up as 15 feet, with the female building a cup shape out of grasses, bark, and animal hair. A typical nest will contain a clutch of 1-6 eggs and a pair will raise between 1 and 7 broods of chicks.

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