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Image of a wood duck stood near the water.

Wood Duck

[caption id="attachment_5310" align="aligncenter" width="585"] Image by 'DickDaniels' from theworldofbirds.org, CC BY-SA 3.0[/caption] Physical: Wood ducks can be recognized by their

Picture of a pied-billed grebe

Pied-billed Grebe

[caption id="attachment_3182" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Image by 'Dori' on Wikimedia, CC BY-SA 3.0[/caption] Physical: Pied-billed grebes are small, compact birds named

Picture of a group of northern pintails, one male and five females standing on marsh vegetation. A sixth female swims in the background.

Northern Pintail

[caption id="attachment_3185" align="aligncenter" width="1022"] Image by 'Afsarnayakkan' on Wikimedia, CC BY 3.0[/caption] Physical: The northern pintail gets its name from

Image of a barred owl, Strix varia, perched on a snowy branch.

Barred Owl

[caption id="attachment_5070" align="aligncenter" width="460"] Image by D. Gordon E. Robertson on Wikimedia, CC BY-SA 3.0[/caption] Physical: Relatively large and stocky

Image of a common yellowthroat, Geothlypis trichas, perched on a branch.

Common Yellowthroat

  [caption id="attachment_3667" align="aligncenter" width="575"] Image by Dan Pancamo on Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0[/caption] Physical: Common yellowthroats are small birds

Image of a Barn Swallow, Hirundo rustica.

Barn Swallow

[caption id="attachment_3459" align="aligncenter" width="465"] Image by Becky Laboy[/caption] Physical: Barn swallows have dark blue coloration on the back of the

Image of an Eastern Kingbird, Tyrannus tyrannus, perched at the top of a branch.

Eastern Kingbird

[caption id="attachment_3454" align="aligncenter" width="509"] Image by Becky Laboy, used with her express permission.[/caption] Physical: Eastern Kingbirds are black and white

Image of a least sandpiper, Calidris minutilla, standing on a rocky surface.

Least Sandpiper

[caption id="attachment_3451" align="aligncenter" width="612"] Image by Becky Laboy, used expressly with her permission[/caption] Physical: Least sandpipers have a mottled brown


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