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Common Yellowthroat

  Physical: Common yellowthroats are small birds with rounded features, including the head and tail. They are 4-5 inches (11-13


Barn Swallow

Physical: Barn swallows have dark blue coloration on the back of the head, wings, tail, and back. The rusty orange-colored


Eastern Kingbird

Physical: Eastern Kingbirds are black and white in coloration. The underside, breast, throat, and end of the tail are white.


Least Sandpiper

Physical: Least sandpipers have a mottled brown coloration with a white underside, yellow legs, and a long brown beak. Their


Song Sparrow

Physical: Song sparrows are medium-sized sparrows with brown and grey coloration. The head and breast are grey with brown streaks, while



Physical: Chuck-will's-widows have a mottled coloration of brown and black. They have a unique flattened head shape seen in nightjar species.


Purple Sandpiper

Physical: Purple sandpipers have rounded bodies, long legs, and long, thin beaks. Their legs and beak are yellow-orange with black on



Physical: Merlins are small falcons between 9.5 and 12 inches (24-30 cm) long with a 21-27 inch (53-68 cm) wingspan. In


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