American Black Duck

Anas rubripes

Image by DickDaniels from on Wikimedia, CC BY 3.0

Physical: The American Black Duck is a large bird, 48-56 cm in size.  It is sooty brown with a pale head, white linings, and a violet speculum.  Sexual dimorphism is not present.

Habitat: A. rubripes make their homes in ponds, streams, and marshes.  They winter from southern Minnesota to Nova Scotia, and south to Texas and Central Florida.

Feeding: American Black Ducks eat aquatic plants and invertebrates.  These include bivalves such as mussels and various univalves like snails.

Breeding: A. rubripes lay 9 to 12 greenish buff eggs.  They are placed in a nest of feathers and down on the ground.  Breeding grounds include eastern and central North America, from Manitoba and Labrador to Texas and Florida.

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