Northern Moon Snail

Lunatia heros

Image by Naturalis Biodiversity Center and Wikimedia, CC0 1.0

Physical: Moon snails are univalves with an open umbilicus.  They are tan to gray in color, and grow to approximately 10 cm across in length.

Habitat: L. heros ranges from Labrador to North Carolina.  They are commonly found half sunk into beach flats, scavenging for food, but have been found at depths of up to 1200 feet.

Feeding: L. heros are highly predatory; they hunt slower or sessile mollusks.  The snail will drill into the shell of its prey and eat them.

Breeding: The Northern Moon Snail lays egg cases that are fertilized later by the males.  The eggs are hatched later, and the young left to fend for themselves.

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