Naked Goby

Gobiosoma bosci

Image by Robert Aguilar, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, CC BY 2.0

Physical: The Naked Goby can reach up to 3 inches in length. They are usually light brown in color with approximately 8-10 dark horizontal stripes.  Males tend to be darker than females.

Habitat: G. bosci range from Rhode Island to Florida and Texas, and is one of the few species of gobies that can tolerate cold waters.  They are mainly a brackish water fish, and prefer to live in mud crab tunnels.

Feeding: G. bosci are opportunistic feeders; they primarily feed on shrimp, worms, and other species’ eggs when available.  They tend to feed around dawn or dusk.

Breeding: Naked Gobies spawn during the summer.  They produce yellow eggs that stick together in clumps and are deposited by the female inside a male’s burrow.  Males protect the nest, and eggs hatch after about five days.

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