Mud Dog Whelk

Nassarius obsoletus

Image of Mud Dog Whelks on a sandy shore.
Image by Gilbert S. Grant and Science Photo Library, CC-BY-SA 2.0

Physical: Mud Dog Whelks are primarily dark brown to black, with white patches or stripes. They reach little over 2.5 cm in length, and are usually found in groups and various sizes.

Habitat: N. oboletus prefer intertidal mud flats. They can be found near-shore in protected areas such as coves and harbors. Although they are generally found inshore, they do range to slightly deeper waters.

Feeding: Mud Dog Whelks are scavengers that feed on dead fish and other organic material.

Breeding: Female whelks lay egg cases that are later fertilized by the males.  The incubation period may be up to several weeks, after which the young are hatched.

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