Milky Ribbon Worm

Cerebratulus lacteus

Image by Eric A. Lazo-Wasem from the Yale Peabody Museum, public domain

Physical: The Milky Ribbon Worm is a long, milky or creamy white colored worm. They can grow up to 106 cm. Males turn red during the breeding season, while females take on a brownish tint.

Habitat: C. lacetus live under rocks and in the sand of shallow water areas. However, they can swim from place to place in a side winding snake-like motion.

Feeding: C. lactues impale their prey with their proboscis; they eat small organisms in the water column.

Breeding: The worms are r-strategists with many larva. The worms are self-autonomous, breaking in pieces to escape predators, and having asexual capabilities. They can also mate sexually to ensure proper genetic distribution.

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