Greater Scaup

Aythya marila

Image by Alan Schmierer on Flickr, public domain

Physical: This duck species is medium-sized, 15-22 inches (39-56 cm) long with a 28-31 inch (72-79 cm) wingspan. Both sexes have a light blue bill and yellow eyes. Males have a green-black head with white sides and a grey back. Females are brown, with a darker head and patch of white just above the bill.

Habitat: Greater scaups live in wetlands and shallow lake habitats, while in winter they are commonly found near bays and coastlines.

Feeding: Greater scaups typically feed on aquatic invertebrates, insects, and plant materials. They feed by diving underwater as deep as 23 feet but normally stay in shallow waters.

Breeding: Males typically court females in large groups, directly competing with other males. Nests are made on the ground with grasses and are found on the edge of water bodies. A typical clutch contains 5-13 eggs.

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