Common Slipper Shell

Crepidula sp.

Image by Sytske Dijksen and Ecomare, courtesy of Wikimedia. CC BY-SA 4.0

Physical: Slipper Shells are off-white and bumpy, and grow no larger than 3.8 cm.  They are univalves with a bottom plate that covers almost half of the ventral surface of the shell. There are three species found locally.

Habitat: Crepidula sp. attach to and grow on any available hard object.  They can be found on the shells of invertebrates, pilings, and boat bottoms.

Feeding: Like most gastropods, Crepidula sp. filter feed, and collect food using their cirri.

Breeding: Slipper shells are hermaphroditic.  Generally, younger shells are male, while older ones are female.  After several months, between juvenile and adult stage, individuals are hermaphrodites.  Individuals anchor themselves to others of the species, forming colonies.

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