Barnegat Bay is Worth More Than One Use! » EPA-BBP

Barnegat Bay is worth more than one use. Too many bags, bottles, cups and straws are made to be used just once and then discarded, often ending up as litter. Single-use plastic items are an especially big problem because they last a long time in the environment. Many of these items end up in waterways that ultimately flow into Barnegat Bay. This harms marine life, spoils swimming and fishing, and pollutes the water today... and tomorrow. Go with reusable containers - Barnegat Bay is worth it! Bring your own bag: For take-out food and shopping, use your own reusable bag. Carry a reusable water bottle: invest in a reusable bottle to cut waste and save money. Bring your own cup: Keep a reusable coffee cup or mug in your bag, at work or in your car. Use a reusable straw, or no straw: Plastic straws are one of the most littered plastic items. Use a reusable straw or no straw at all.

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