Tuckerton Creek Subwatershed
(includes Parker Run)

The Tuckerton Creek subwatershed includes:

• a portion of Bass River Township (Burlington County)

• a portion of Little Egg Harbor Township

• Tuckerton Borough

Watershed Facts

The main branch of Tuckerton Creek is approximately 7,000 linear feet in length.  It reaches from the downstream end of Lake Pohatcong in the Borough of Tuckerton (Route 9) to its confluence with Little Egg Harbor.

Within the Tuckerton Creek subwatershed are smaller tributaries:  Mill Creek (drainage area is almost exclusively forested) and Giffords Branch (drainage area includes a large education complex and athletic fields).  Both of these tributaries feed into Lake Pohatcong.  Mill Creek is the main hydrologic input to the lake.

Smaller waterbodies in this subwatershed that flow directly into Barnegat Bay include:

Ecological Features

Within the subwatershed are various habitats including upland pine-oak forests, salt water tidal marsh, fresh open water, wetland areas including Atlantic white cedar swamps, and sandy beaches. The Tuckerton Creek is surrounded by extensive coastal wetlands and various residential developments.

The Tuckerton Creek subwatershed is home to state threatened and endangered species such as the Barred Owl, the Osprey, and the Pine Barrens Tree Frog.

Points of Interest

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