Stouts Creek Subwatershed

(includes Wrangle Creek)

The Stouts Creek subwatershed is located entirely within Lacey Township, east of the Garden State Parkway and east of Route 9.

Watershed Facts

The immediate area surrounding the Stouts Creek is undeveloped, but the lagoon developments of Laurel Harbor, Murray Grove, and Sunrise Beach have disturbed significant portions of this subwatershed.  The southern bank of the South Branch of Stouts Creek is completely developed with residential housing on manmade lagoons (from east of Route 9 all the way to the bay).

Ecological Features

The undeveloped areas of the Stouts Creek subwatershed are comprised of upland forest and salt marsh habitats.  These are home to a range of species such as diamond back terrapin, and the marsh fiddler crab, as well as wading birds such as the great blue heron.

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