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Red Beard Sponge

Physical: M. prolifera are red or orange in coloration.  Mature specimens are fanned, while juveniles tend to encrust areas.  Maximum height


Milky Ribbon Worm

Physical: The Milky Ribbon Worm is a long, milky or creamy white colored worm. They can grow up to 106 cm.


Gold Star Tunicate

Physical: Golden Star Tunicates are small organisms with undefined body shape. Individuals vary in color, and are usually found in small


Comb Jelly

Physical: Comb jellies are not true jellyfish because they do not have nematocysts (stinging cells).  They have eight rows of cilia


Clam Worm

  Physical: Clam Worms have numerous parapodia (bristly appendages used in locomotion, respiration, and sensation) along their bodies. The species can


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