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Red Beard Sponge

Image by David Remsen on Flickr, CC BY-NC 2.0 Physical: M. prolifera are red or orange in coloration.  Mature specimens are

Image of a milky ribbon worm, Cerebratulus lacteus, against a black background.

Milky Ribbon Worm

Image by Eric A. Lazo-Wasem from the Yale Peabody Museum, public domain Physical: The Milky Ribbon Worm is a long, milky


Gold Star Tunicate

Image by Nick Hobgood from Wikimedia, CC BY-SA 3.0 Physical: Golden Star Tunicates are small organisms with undefined body shape. Individuals


Comb Jelly

Physical: Comb jellies are not true jellyfish because they do not have nematocysts (stinging cells).  They have eight rows of cilia

Image of a clam worm, Nereis sp., against a black background.

Clam Worm

[caption id="attachment_4832" align="aligncenter" width="557"] Image by Alexander Semenov on Flickr, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0[/caption] Physical: Clam Worms have numerous parapodia (bristly appendages


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