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Spider Crab

Physical: The carapace length of the Spider Crab can reach up to 3.5 inches, and is often coated in algae or


Shore Shrimp

Physical: Shore Shrimp are very common in the Barnegat Bay.  They are transparent, and reach a length of 5 cm at


Sand Shrimp

Physical: Sand Shrimp can range in color from nearly transparent to mottled brown.  They can reach up to 7.5 cm in

photo of Squilla empusa

Mantis Shrimp

Physical: Mantis shrimp are flat, large-clawed shrimp with three sets of weak walking legs. They have powerful “scissor-like mandibles,” and individuals


Long-Clawed Hermit Crab

Physical: Long-Clawed Hermit Crabs are small, with a maximum shell length of 2.5 cm. They are tan or light gray with


Lady Crab

Physical: O. ocellatus have a pale grayish carapace with clusters of purple spots. They have five marginal teeth along the front


Horseshoe Crab

Physical: Horseshoe crab females grow up to two feet long (60 cm), while the males are noticeably smaller. Females and males


Green Crab

Physical: Green crabs have five marginal teeth around the edge of the carapace. Females are reddish on their ventral surface, while


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Learn about the bay’s condition in the 2021 State of the Bay Report.

See current water-quality data from our three continuous monitoring stations in the bay, which transmit data in near real-time to NJDEP.


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