Jim Merritt, Ph.D.

Sedge Island Education Center

Contact Info:

208 20th Avenue
Seaside Park,
NJ 08752

(732) 793-2371


http:// www.state.nj.usdepfgwsedge.htm

Dr. Merritt is the Program Director at the Sedge Island Natural Resource Education Center (in the Sedge Islands Marine Conservation Zone off of Island Beach State Park). He is an engaging speaker who is very passionate and knowledgeable about his subject.

Presentation: His presentation will include information on the Sedge Island Education Center; aquaculture (including the Barnegat Bay Shellfish Restoration Program); and sea kayaking.

Availability: Dr. Merritt will speak to your Adult, College, High School, Middle School, or Elementary School group on weekday mornings or evenings. Reimbursement of his travel expenses is at the discretion of the group and the fee for his program ranges from free to $200, depending on the groups ability to pay. He would appreciate having a computer projector and operator available for the presentation.

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