Getting the Dirt On Your Soil: Root Out Soil Compaction

Part three of the Getting the Dirt On Your Soil fall webinar series. In this final webinar, Dr. Steven Yergeau, County Agent with Rutgers Cooperative Extension of Ocean & Atlantic Counties, gives a talk on soil compaction. Learn about what causes it, how it impacts soil health, and what to do about it in your […]

What’s An Energy Audit and Do You Need One?

Many homes use more energy than they actually need. The solution is a home energy efficiency assessment (aka audit). An energy efficiency assessment does more than help you save energy—it increases your personal comfort, makes your home healthier/safer and increases the value of your home. Join Sandi Eisner, the Outreach Account Manager with New Jersey’s […]

What’s the Catch? New Jersey Seafood & Healthy Living

Part 1 of a two-part seminar series. Join Dr. Doug Zemeckis from the Rutgers Cooperative Extension and Lisa Calvo from the Haskins Shellfish Research Laboratory as they share their expertise on the state's seafood and aquaculture industry. Topics include the many types of seafood NJ produces, the sustainable practices of stakeholders, and the science behind […]

Ten Ways to Adapt to Coastal Flooding

Government agencies and other organizations are helping coastal communities prepare for sea-level rise and adapt to increased flooding. Learn about these initiatives and 10 steps residents can take to prepare their homes and help increase their communities’ resilience to flooding and climate change with Vanessa Dornisch, Coastal Training Program Coordinator at the Jacques Cousteau National […]

RU Wildlife Wise: Demystifying Iconic Halloween Animals

Halloween is known for wildlife that many find scary, such as bats, ravens, snakes, and others. How and why did these animals become associated with Halloween? Join us to learn some tricks on managing issues these animals may cause at home and treat yourself to some cool, fun facts about these misunderstood holiday creatures with […]

NJDEP’s Division of Coastal Engineering and its Beach Nourishment Projects

Join Christopher Constantino from the NJDEP Division of Coastal Engineering for an overview of the Division and its work. The DCE is responsible for administering the development and construction, as well as the subsequent operations and maintenance of Coastal Resiliency and Coastal Storm Risk Management projects through out the State. These projects are often in […]

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