Ecology and Fisheries Use of Sand Features Off New Jersey and New York

The next seminar as a part of the Marine Extension Program Seminar Series (MEPSS) through Rutgers Cooperative Extension will be held on Monday, June 28 from 6:30 - 8:00 PM. The featured speaker will be Dr. Thomas “Motz” Grothues (Associate Research Professor) from Rutgers University's Department of Marine and Coastal Sciences. Free Zoom webinar open […]

Fishing for the Truth: How Biological and Fishery Data Inform the Management of Summer Flounder

Summer flounder are an important target species for commercial and recreational fisheries in New Jersey and in the broader Mid-Atlantic and New England regions. Many different sources of fishery and survey data inform one of the most data-rich stock assessments in the Greater Atlantic region. This critical scientific information informs joint management by the Mid-Atlantic […]

Jellyfish Dynamics in a Changing (Local) World

Please join Rutgers Cooperative Extension to learn more about the global stressors which affect jellies (temperature, dissolved oxygen, manmade structures). This presentation will also dive into local issues and changes observed in New Jersey’s estuaries that are impacting species such as bay nettles and clinging jellies. Free Zoom webinar open to all who are interested! […]

Marine Debris in the Mid Atlantic: Ongoing Efforts to Address a Global Challenge

Our oceans are filled with items that do not belong there as consumer plastics, metals, rubber, paper, textiles, derelict fishing gear, vessels, and other lost or discarded items enter the marine environment every day. This marine debris is one of the most widespread pollution problems facing the world's ocean and waterways, impacting people, ecosystems, and […]

Coastal Stewardship Course – Rutgers Cooperative Extension

Rutgers Cooperative Extension is hosting our annual Coastal Stewardship course which which is a part of the Barnegat Bay Shellfish Restoration Program (BBSRP and our collaborations with ReClam the Bay). Come learn how to be a more responsible steward of our coastal marine resources and how to get involved with local efforts to improve the health […]


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