Kettle Creek Watershed

Kettle Creek Subwatershed
(includes Reedy Creek)

The Kettle Creek subwatershed includes:

  • A portion of Lakewood Township
  • A portion of Toms River Township
  • A portion of Brick Township

Watershed Facts

The Kettle Creek subwatershed is a highly developed piece of land that is primarily characterized by residential and urban uses.

This subwatershed is relatively small in comparison to the rest of the subwatersheds within the Barnegat Bay watershed; it encompasses approximately 950 acres of lands in the northeast portion of the watershed.

Kettle Creek itself is a 7.5 mile freshwater stream that is fed by many smaller tributaries:  the Main Branch (fed by the Green Branch and Tarklin Creek in Lakewood), the Tunes Branch, the Mudhole Branch, the Polhemus Branch (in Toms River Township) and the Long Causeway Branch.  It empties into the Barnegat Bay estuary in Brick Township.

Ecological Features

The areas within the Kettle Creek Watershed boundaries are comprised mainly of tidal salt marshes. This area also contains some upland forest, lowland forest, pine barrens/pinelands, cedar swamps, and tidal wetlands. Due to intense development in this subwatershed, most of the native habitats have been degraded.

Despite the overdevelopment of the Kettle Creek subwatershed, many species of fauna still utilize the area. Some species are found year-round, and others use it as a refuge on migratory pathways/flyways. You can expect to find the same species of wildlife that are found throughout the other subwatersheds of Barnegat Bay. Birds of prey, like the northern harrier, the osprey, and the marsh hawk are frequently seen in the skies over the marshes. Canada geese, mallard ducks, and canvasback ducks, can all be spotted floating and diving in the waters of the marshes, streams, and bays. Snowy egrets, great egrets, and great blue herons are commonly seen fishing area marshes. The usual mammals such as the whitetail deer, raccoon, and other small mammals, may seem to be more abundant, but the habitat loss and development has given them no choice but to start inhabiting the undeveloped lands of the subwatershed.

Points of Interest

  • Mallard Point Public Park, Tunes Brook Road, Brick Township
  • The Brick Airport Track, Drum Point Road, Brick Township
  • Reedy Creek, Brick Township

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