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Ribbed Mussel

Physical: Ribbed mussels are bivalves that are dark brown to green in color, with well-defined ribs running laterally. Habitat: M. demissus are


Knobbed Whelk

Physical: The Knobbed Whelk is the official state shell of New Jersey. Knobbed Whelks are large marine gastropods (snails) with


Northern Moon Snail

Physical: Moon snails are univalves with an open umbilicus.  They are tan to gray in color, and grow to approximately 10


Mud Dog Whelk

Physical: Mud Dog Whelks are primarily dark brown to black, with white patches or stripes. They reach little over 2.5 cm


Eastern Oyster

Physical: Eastern oysters are bivalves with a soft body inside two rough shells, which are white to gray in color.   The


Bay Scallop

Physical: Bay scallops are bivalves with circular, corrugated shells.  They have a row of 30 to 40 bright blue eyes around


Hard Clam

Physical: Hard clams, known as Quahogs are bivalves. Adults average 10 cm wide, and can be various shades of gray. The


Common Slipper Shell

Physical: Slipper Shells are off-white and bumpy, and grow no larger than 3.8 cm.  They are univalves with a bottom plate


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Learn about the bay’s condition in the 2021 State of the Bay Report.

See current water-quality data from our three continuous monitoring stations in the bay, which transmit data in near real-time to NJDEP.


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