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Lunch N’ Learn: They Will Surf Again

Dive into the inspiring world of adaptive surfing with Kerry O'Connor and Luke Alvarez from "They Will Surf Again." Join us for this virtual program where Kerry and Luke will share the remarkable journey of their program, which empowers surfers with disabilities to ride the waves and experience the thrill of the ocean. Discover the […]

Lunch N’ Learn: Sand Ridges off New Jersey as Fish Habitat Features

Sand on the ocean bottom off New Jersey is not distributed evenly, but sorted and shaped into features by present and historical events. Some offshore sand deposits are used as sources for beach nourishment projects and are being eyed as sources for construction material as well. Offshore sand mining, or dredging, needs to be considered […]

Lunch N’ Learn: New Jersey Bay Islands Initiative

Come learn about the great work being done through the New Jersey Bay Islands Initiative (NJBII)! NJBII was formed in 2020, with its creation prompted by the Long Beach Township community. Now, a variety of agencies from across the State are engaged in this important work. Bay islands are important for restoring natural habitats as […]

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