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Water Savings with Native Plants

This month's EPA Watersense Campaign focuses on native plants in the landscape! By using native plants, you help our local

small fish in the palm of a hand.

Black Drum: Barnegat Bay’s Loudest Spring Breakers…almost!

By JJ Egan, Field Specialist of the Barnegat Bay Partnership The black drum (Pogonias cromis) is a large member of


March 18th-24th is Fix A Leak Week!

The Brick Township Municipal Utilities Authority, Barnegat Bay Partnership, and the US EPA present the WaterSense Newsletter, a national effort


Southern Fish Species Making Their Way to Barnegat Bay

Written by JJ Egan, BBP Field Specialist For the last 12 years, the Barnegat Bay Partnership has conducted a seining


Don’t miss these Fall & Holiday Water Savings!

The Brick Township Municipal Utilities Authority and Barnegat Bay Partnership present the WaterSense Newsletter, a national effort to educate consumers

Image of flooded wetlands.

Tidal wetland groundwater: the flood from below

Tidal wetlands flood twice a day in the Barnegat Bay. As nature intended, tides rise, water floods the surface, and

Image of a grassy wetlands landscape with a forest in the background.

Tidal patterns found under low-lying forests—what comes next as sea levels rise?

As sea level rise, flooding occurs at higher and higher elevations. As flood patterns change, tidal marshes can slowly migrate

People in yellow and white kayaks with life vests on paddling.

Paddle For The Edge is Expanding!

Barnegat Bay Partnership (BBP) is proud to announce the Paddle for the Edge Program has now expanded into the Great


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